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Orphan no more

I'm no longer an orphan. My entire family has decided to come back from their month long hiatus abroad and it felt as if they didn't even leave. Except for the exceptional pasalubong they gave, they seriously didn't leave. At least it felt like it. I didn't even notice them gone.

It's odd to have them gone for a month, I must admit, but the freedom that came with it was priceless. I could leave when I pleased -- not that I couldn't when they weren't here -- but it was so different.

Despite fact that I had to pay the bills and enroll the kids (very mommy-ish), everything else was so freaking cool! We felt so liberated. The freedom was messing with my head. I came and went as I pleased and now it's back to normal.

Still, I'm glad they're back. I actually missed them a tad bit. I had no one to tease. Sure, my sister was around, but there was only so much teasing I could do for her. We were getting very immune to one another and now we are back to Brady Bunch-ville.

As much as I deny it, big family has it's perks and I am relishing them right now.
Shout out to my mom.. happy mommas day! You know you rock.
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