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Pong! Kong! Chow!

This morning, as I waited to hear news on the late Pope's health, I learned something new. I learned how to play Mahjong. I didn't think I would get hooked on it, but I did. At three am, I was still going on. I just had to stop myself because I knew I wouldn't wake up again.

Now, my relatives are downstairs, on the Magic Sing right next to the Mahjong table. It certainly feels like a wake, and I certainly feel like I'm in a house of sin. It's a laugh, but at least now, I can say that I know how to play that game. I feel like I'm on the set of Joy Luck Club. Before I know it, my aunts will be spilling their sob stories just like the four aunts in the movie.

Last night, however, I went to Krystle's wedding debut and it was so pretty. I got lost on the way, but it really didn't matter because the company that was waiting for me there was great.

It didn't help that I had two cameraholics with me. Both Gela and Jo were macking it out for the camera and they wouldn't stop. It was fun to be with them though, as I can't believe I actually miss friends from school. I should certainly make sure I see them more often because we were going crazy already on the Red carpeted dance floor.

And the food was divine! If only my dress wasn't very restricting, I would have eaten more. It was that good. Still, I had to contain myself. The cream puffs were just so bite-size that I could literally pop one it and gulp it. Instant heaven.

Now, I shall go back down to my family, who is literally singing their hearts out. I knew they were shameless, but this is just blowing me away!
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