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Summer Lovin # 02

Last week had a lot of tv watching. Though considerably less than the week before due to my annual room cleaning, I still got some face time with the boob tube.

  • Luke Wilson
    I watched Alex and Emma (agan) twice that week, so I can't really get him out of my head. Usually when I fantasize, the guy of the moment's face pops up and the dream can go on. Well, right now, it's Luke Wilson's face that pops. He is so dreamy.

  • Keannu Reeves
    I watched A Walk in the Clouds again (after a million years), and he was just so hot. So nice and chivalrous too -- saving the damsel in a huge distress. If I were to bring him home, I doubt my mom would complain too. My dad would be skeptical, of course, but how cool would it be to have Neo as your son-in-law. The part where they were squashing games with their feet, then they run into their bedroom all dirty and start kissing, I almost die.

  • Timothy Dalton
    Again, he's old. Very old. In fact, he's even older than Andy Garcia, but seeing him as Caesar in Cleopatra, made me swoon. The power and the way he bossed around the Roman troops, I just wanted to die! Yes, he died, and a lame death at that, but he was seriously scorching when he lived. I can also forgive him for his ultra-hairy chest. I'm not one to like that, but on Caesar, it was forgivable.
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