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Egg-less Easter

I spent my Easter watching Cleopatra's life story. And for the supposed daughter of Isis, she had a pretty troubled life. In fact, she had the kiss of death. Both of her "lovers" died. Horrible deaths at that. Then again, she was so beautiful, it would be too much of a charmed life if her boyfriends didn't DIE on her.

What's the deal with that, right? The Queen of Egypt couldn't even keep the loves of her life alive. Not very powerful of her.

So, I spent hours watching parts 1 and 2 of her lifestory and I did learn some stuff from it.
  1. Caesar was hot!!!
    I've read about Caesar and all the things he did, but this movie showed a lot more than that. Apparently, he looked really great too. Maybe, it's the weird sleeping patterns (sleeping at 5 am and waking up at 5pm), but Timothy Dalton -- the actor playing Caesar -- is soooo fine! The way he had this entire army at his beck and call! I never understood why some women were attracted to power, but now I do. Caesar was so commanding. He had this power over these soldiers and though I pity them for going to war all the time, Caesar looked really good fooling around with Cleopatra.

    I don't blame him either. His wife wasn't exactly as gorgeous, but that quality in him, did turn me off. The wandering eye is somehting I don't wish upon any wife. Still, if it's just plain hotness, Caesar (in the movie) was scorching!

  2. Marc Antony was pretty good looking too
    I'm no fan of Billy Zane, but in this movie, he looked pretty fine too. In fact, I think it has something to do with the Roman soldier uniform -- or lack of it. It was just an armor and a skirt. When they ripped it off (which I looked forward to), it was discarded in one easy swipe! so easy to undress people.

    I've only read about Marc Antony, and he sounded like a wimp, or an extra, but this movie has changed my view. Though he died a more manly death than Caesar (come on, getting stabbed otuside senate?), I thought he had this inferiority complex. Who wouldn't though? Your girlfriend's ex just happened to be your former boss/friend/dictator. Still, I have to say that this was the movie that Billy Zane looked the best. Even if he was in a drunken stupor and all that insecurity crap. He looked really gallant and brave (and stupid), trying to take on the legions of Octavius or rather Caesar (the new one).

  3. History can be interesting
    I know I sound like some history buff already, but the movie was really interesting. We should have watched it while attempting to learn about history. Since all we ever did was question why, who, where, and what geography, this would have been much more useful and interesting. Love stories are an added bonus, of course. Caesar is still so hot!

So to everyone else who had a much more eventful easters out of town, I hope eveyrone had a Happy Easter. Now I'm wishing we had the Hallmark Channel. Cleopatra really got me hooked.
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