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Holy (?) Week

Holy Week is here, and I'm not exactly at my holiest. I've fixed half my room though. I'm done with my messy center table, my bathroom shelves and the always difficult to do folded clothes closet. Today, I shall do the daunting task of fixing my hangers closet and then my desk and I shall lastly fix my CDs. The easiest and most enjoyable thing to do.

Funny cause although I know I don't have that many stuff -- I have a small room and I half it with my sister -- there still seems so much to do! I'm pooped just thinking about fixing it. And not to mention the allergies I get to dust when I'm fixing. My nose is running half the time. Still, the satisfaction I get from neatly arranged clothes (by color) makes me much happier.

And because I woke up at 4pm yesterday, not only was I late for the veneration of the cross, but I was able to "fast" too. I skipped breakfast and lunch making me technically fasting.

Other than that, my only other good deed today was going to the procession. I do that every year, so I guess it wasn't really time to break tradition. It doesn't feel like Holy Week though, even if most of my friends are out of town.

I missed both Gimore Girls and 7th Heaven marathons though, so I'm a little disappointed. In fact, I'm so good, I haven't watched TV or touched the computer, until now. I'm patting myself on the shoulder for this. I'm not such an evil little girl after all. Despite what anyone thinks!
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