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Summer Lovin # 01

Summer means I have a lot of time on my hands. Usually, I spend this time watching movies or television. These activities expose me to a lot of cute actors. My brothers can testify to this, and I am constantly finding someone handsome. I don't find anything wrong with this, I just think I'm appreciating God's creation.

So this summer, I shall come up with a list of three guys every week who I think deserves to be in my list and by the end of summer (hopefully not so soon yet), I shall award the dude that stays the longest. Who knows, my next layout could be dedicated to him.

  • Luke Wilson
    Obviously, I'm still on a high from watching his movie. I think I shall have a marathon tomorrow, complete with both Legally Blonde movies and the Charlie's Angels ones too. See, even if he has little roles in these films, when he comes onto the scene, I'm finally interested. Lucky Gwyneth and Drew Barrymore!!! Apparently, he dated both of them for a while before (not at the same time though!)

  • James Marsden
    Watching Ally McBeal everyday helps. The fact that he can sing really well and look very pretty at the same time is a very nice bonus, I must say. I don't even see him much in the courtroom on the show, but it's enough that he's even on the screen. Yeah, he's married and has two kids, but he's still very very nice to look at, especially when he's wearing nice fitting suits. Jenny, the girlfriend on the show, is very undeserving.

  • Andy Garcia
    He's old. Very old. But everyone should watch When a Man Loves a Woman and you will all understand why I think he's so hot right now. If I do get knocked senseless and decide to get married, I would choose his character in that movie, because as I said before, he was just so selfless and loving, and right now, I doubt any guy is like that. Maybe I'm pessimistic, but then again, he's a fictional character who looked good despite the early 90's styling on him. I didn't even cringe with his outfits and it's been a decade since the movie was made. He really looks good (even with the ultra hairy chest).
Who'll be out next week? I have a pretty good idea, but I'm not sure. Who knows, the list might not even change.
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