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Drama Queen

A friend of mine used to call me "madrama" a lot. Some new friends still do. Although after watching the premiere of "Confessions of a Teenage Drama queen" I will definitely beg to differ. I am NOT that madrama. In fact, I'm such a normal person. I'm very far from her outrageous personality and I really don't think I'm gutsy enough to be the lead in their great looking school play -- seriously, it looked like it was right out of a Broadway production.

But that wasn't really what caught my eye. Lindsay Lohan has grown up. She has GROWN UP!!!

Whoa! How did that happen? I couldn't really find a picture of her entire body, but she makes me want to go to the gym and run on the treadmill till I drop. I'm serious. She's got a small frame and a pretty face. Definitely Hollywood material. Oh well, so is life with my medium frame.

I hung out with my barkada -- two of which just came from Spain and they had so much to say. I don't really blame them. A month away from your family in Spain! That must have been something else. One day, I'm going to have my indepence and all that fun stuff. Who knows? It may be once in a lifetime.

I haven't studied for my DLSUCET mock exam tomorrow. Not that I plan on going, but hey, they freaking rank us. It's not exactly fun to see your name at the bottom of the list and if I can do better than that, then why not give it a shot? Well, because first of all, I really don't know what I'm supposed to study. I have no intention of studying blindly.

TWO DAYS LEFT!!! I can't help but reiterate -- teacher word -- and I feel myself getting more lonely. I don't want to let go of my friends and yet I want to stop reviewing. Oh well, Yellow Cab it is tomorrow.
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