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Alex and Emma

Since I haven't started cleaning my room, I've obviously been stuck in front of the television. I know I should get my butt off those bean bags, but I can't say no to temptation. There's a the popcorn and the rug and the afternoon sun.

I watched Alex and Emma on Star Movies this afternoon (so what's new?) and though I wasn't able to watch it from the start, it was a really cute movie. Of course, it helped a lot that Luke Wilson is such a hottie!

I'm no film critic. I'm not picky at all. In fact, as long as I feel good after watching the movie, it's a good film already. Of course, it becomes a great film, when it has pleasant looking characters that make you fantasize afterwards. So based on my very low standards, Alex and Emma was a fabulous movie.

I have to say, whoever the costume people were, they certainly did an amazing job. No, it wasn't because the parts where it was supposed to be a la period piece looked authentic, but because in every scene, Luke Wilson looked really good. And he wasn't even in the most stylish things. He was in every day, average person, who happens to look hot garb and he looked wow!

Notice the easy grin and the comfortable stance. He looks really good.</td></tr></table> The hands in the pocket thing is just too much for me. I think I'm going to faint. The clothes fit so well, it'd be a shame when I tear them off him (whoohoo!!!)

It also helps if the person involved was pretty good at acting and his voice. I don't know, but his accent of sorts, or the intonation of his voice is so beatiful. I watched him in Royal Tenenbaums and he looked really whoa there too. I didn't like the part where he slit his wrists though, but he looked really good there.

Still, I think Alex and Emma is the movie wherein he looks the best.

In other news, it's official. I think I've finally gotten over both of the TWO major crushes of my life (yes despite the many number of cute guys I see, only TWO undeserving chaps belong to Team A -- I categorize my crushes according to intensity and Team A has the most intense ones). That means, I'm crushless. It feels good not to have to pine for anyone "real" right now. It just feels good to not keep wishing someone liked you back.

Hollywood actors are still nice to look at though. I'm not going to turn my back on them.
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