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# 004: The Mister Right

He's perfect. Oh so perfect. He can do no wrong.

If he were a driver, he would stay in his own lane, never swerve or run a red light. He would never make a U-turn somewhere it wasn't allowed. Double parking would be his nightmare. Not signalling when you turn right is a sin. He is the king of the road and he can do no wrong.

If he were a waiter, he would be courteous and friendly no matter what happens (a death in the family, a girlfriend situation or just a plain bad day). He would be accomodating, but not interfering. He would get everyone's orders right despite having a full restaurant, and food would come in five minutes despite how difficult it is in the kitchen. If he needs to kill the cow and cook it himself, he will because he can do no wrong.

No matter what he is, he shall do things effortlessly because he is perfect. If anyone does anything less than right, then he must let them know they are wrong. Even if it isn't their fault, or it was an accident, Mr. Right will let everyone feel his fury. He's got to spread his wrath. Because he is right and they are wrong. He feels the need to set everyone straight.

And if people around him feel uncomfortable because of this, they are wrong. Because he needs to set things right lest others be victimized like he has. He is RIGHT and everything he does is CORRECT. It doesn't matter that he embarrasses his companions to hiding in the comfort room, and it doesn't matter that everyone else is so ashamed they want to disappear. It doesn't matter because they shouldn't be feeling that way in the first place.

This really stinks because I personally don't want someone perfect. I'd just feel so incompetent and unworthy with someone so freaking great. I want someone with flaws. Someone real and someone who can go with the flow even if something or someone messes up. Just like Superman, Mr. Right needs to chill and change. He needs to accept that not everyone is flawless and like him, they make mistakes. As Joss Stone so aptly sang it, I've got a right to be wrong.

Amen girl. Amen.
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