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Currently: Rolling with uncertainty and enjoying the ride

So it's weekend number 1 in Manila, something I was looking forward to but didn't think would be way too short. I really do like coming home for short periods if only to hang out with my parents but also for wonderfully special occassions.

What are you guys currently into? Please do share. I want recommendations!

Loving: my knitting! I've recently taken it up back and because my new work has me taking the bus, I've taken to knitting on the way to work and back home. And because my new office doesn't have too many windows, I'm loving sun exposure, too. It's crazy becuase I'm not into the sun, but when you don't get it, you miss it. So lunch breaks, I find myself eating in the sun and knitting a bit before I head back to my desk. It's silly, but true.

Reading: I just finished Today Will Be Different and I enjoyed the book though not as much as I thought I would. I haven't read the author's older book but I think I'll try. I also finished Vinegar Girl which was a modern retelling of The Taming of the Shrew so that was nice and quick.

Watching: The Crown. I'm out of the hole I was living in while I obsessed over this amazing season. I'm so excited to have more of it. Matt Smith is the BEST Prince Philip and made me more interested in him than I currently am. Claire Foy is AMAZING as the Queen and I'm so invested in this series. I need all six seasons NOW.

Listening to: John Mayer's new song, Love on the Weekend is pretty much on repeat ever since it got released. I'm so excited for his new album already. It needs to come out now. An oldie but goodie, Jann Arden's Insensitive came on shuffle and because I've been PMS-ing forever, I like this too much right now.

Working on: Getting into the groove of things at work. I'm not used to being the new girl and I realize, the older I get, I don't want to keep being the new girl. So here I am at job number 4 after having worked for 7 years and I'm hoping this latest venture is a good place to learn and grow.

Anticipating: 2 Weddings! I didn't realize I would be at a new job this time last year when I booked two wedding weekends in Manila and Bohol back-to-back. I thought I would be able to work from Manila but it's not bad that I fly back 2 weekends. Reggie and Teeff are two of the most amazing friends from my Summit years and I wouldn't miss their wedding for anything.

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