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Currently: Getting ready to get back to 'real' life

I'm seated at my boarding gate waiting to get on a flight to Dubai and from there back to Singapore and this means my big trip of the year is over. Portugal and Spain have been nothing short of awesome and Europe in general is something I wish I could explore more. It's always difficult ending a vacation.

Loving: Spain and Portugal. I wish I were staying longer but at the same time, this was just a good amount of time. I'm a weird kind of tourist, not really straying long in places but I like to do a lot of walking and these two countries are great for that. I'll write more about it next time when I do my trip recap but this is love.

Reading: In the spirit of Lisbon, I actually bought a book-book called Lisbon Poets which is funny because I'm not even into poetry but I want to give it a shot and why not extend the holiday feeling a little longer? Yes, why not indeed.

Watching: Narcos season 2 was pretty great and without spoiling anyone, it was a quick and intense watch and something that I would definitely re-watch not only for the Pedro Pascal sightings but also for the President. This cast is just made of cuties who happen to be baddies.

Listening to: Clearly this trip has been much much much influenced by Carly Rae Jepsen's E*Mo*Tion B-sides but also her bonus tracks from the first album. I love love love it and though I'm late to the bonus tracks, I really liked Favourite Color and from the new EP, I'm loving everything but most especially Store, Cry and Roses. I can't wait for her new one.

Working on: Getting my life back on track. New work means new mindset and I'm just excited to start fresh. I hope I can grow and learn and be nurtured but at the same time I really need to work on myself and how I approach work and how I approach life. This should be interesting.

Anticipating: My best friend's wedding. Well at least my oldest friend. Lee-Ann gets married in 2 weeks and I'm so excited to go home to see her get married. It'll be the first time I'm a bridesmaid I hope I've done my duties ok but mostly I just am so psyched to se her on her special day.

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