So this weekend was pretty unusual for me. Friday night, our boss treated the entire team to a round of drinks in the small place across from the office (like literally ACROSS it) and I've gotten to liking gin and tonics after being introduced to it two weeks back. It was nice to be out in the 'sun' at 530pm having free drinks. How can one say no, yes? I'm not very close to my office mates colleagues (not used to calling them that yet) so it was nice to chat (not about work) and just get excited for the weekend.

Because of drinks, I ended up getting invited to a barbecue on Saturday afternoon (which I thought would be cancelled given it was so un-sunny and quite overcast the whole day -- no it went on). If anyone knows me, it's very difficult to get me out of the house on a weekend unless there is a promise of food (and there was!). Plus, I'm trying to be sociable. I could curl up in bed with a magazine or a book or a movie or a TV show (I can go one here, clearly) but it sounded like fun, so I bought corn and chips and juice and headed over for the barbecue. +++Collapse )

Which then brings us to Sunday where I was lucky to spend it in our hood up North East. I woke up so late that I had to go to an 11am mass which I'm not a big fan of because it's more crowded and the sun is tooooo hot when i get out. But the rest of the day was spent catching up on all my non-work check lists (reading magazines, watching TV shows, playing games -- you know, fun stuff that I have a check list for because I do).

I wish the weekend were a bit longer but I can't complain as this week will be shorter for me when I finally get to fly back to Manila for a bit! I hope it all goes smoothly. How is everyone? Tell me about your weekends!
18 May 2015 @ 11:25 pm
So let me start off by apologising for being the worst friend ever. I'm usually way better than this but then again, i'm comparing my LJ-skills to now and unemployment so clearly, I need to find a middle ground. I'm going to try, guys, Let's cross our fingers.

In other news, TV finale season is upon us and honestly, I'm very tired from saying goodbye and to things being sad on TV but at least the upfront showed us so much potential and I'm excited once more for the new crop of shows I will try, and give up on and those I will love. + + +Collapse )

Oh look! I'm alive. Sort of. Things have been pretty busy for me what with me seeing actual people from Manila visiting and then also trying to catch up on work (and I'm still behind on TV!!!) and doing healthy things like yoga and running and so I've been remiss on my LJ-ing but I'm here and I will catch up with everyone, I promise. For now, I present my first of many (hopefully) regular office days because you know that's where we spend most of our days.

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    I've been working for almost a month now and though it's just been a month, it's been both really fast and really slow. I'm definitely not used to being the new girl anymore and it's taking time for me to learn things and I feel like there's always so much more to learn. I feel so behind on everything -- like everyone is lightyears away from me and I'll forever be catching up. But that's just me. Read more...Collapse )

    I started watching Friday Night Lights and re-watching Charmed just because it's there and I'm having a lot of fun. I've never seen FNL in it's entirety and I now see the reason why everyone loves it. COACH TAYLOR IS VERY HOT. Like everyone else is a blur to Coach Taylor. I just want more Coach. All the time.

    Also interesting that i've seen Scott Porter's career backwards. When I saw him on Hart of Dixie, I had no idea of his previous work. Then I caught The Good Wife and saw his investigator role and now FNL with his bigger role. My goodness, who knew? TV TalkCollapse )

    30 April 2015 @ 11:12 pm
    Quarter 2 started with a bang for me, starting work and moving out of my sibling's place and coming back in from Bangkok. At the same time was incredibly slow but also fast. I kept thinking, it's only still April? But then also realising, holy moly it's already April. And though I'm still getting used to everything, I'm also incredibly excited about everything.

    The commute to and from work has been a dream and if only for that, I feel like I can do anything. I'm still trying to grasp everything and trying to learn as quickly as I can but all in all, I'm still on a high on the novelty of it all (the job, living alone, living in Singapore) so I hope this feeling lasts. Read more...Collapse )

    I'm also a little more caught-up with TV now (thank you for the long weekend) and I'm thinking of dropping some shows as well. I just did let go of Revenge and now it's being cancelled so perhaps it's time to purge a bit more on the usual shows. Plus, I've been bingeing on old TV shows on Netflix, but I'm still watching a couple. TV TalkCollapse )

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