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I've always wanted to go to Spain -- having studied the Spanish language for 16 years (I can conjugate and i know words but I can't speak to save my life) and in the past year, some friends have moved to Madrid so I thought it was the perfect time to move. And though I didn't actually get to see the friends who moved to Madrid, I decided that it was a fantastic time to go.

And so I decided that i would try to go to Barcelona (because everyone says so), Madrid (because that's where they speak Castillan Spanish), Lisbon (because why not swing by Portugal while I'm there) and Porto (because my Portuguese colleague comes from here and insisted I go). Read more...Collapse )
I'm seated at my boarding gate waiting to get on a flight to Dubai and from there back to Singapore and this means my big trip of the year is over. Portugal and Spain have been nothing short of awesome and Europe in general is something I wish I could explore more. It's always difficult ending a vacation. + + +Collapse )

12 September 2016 @ 11:07 pm
So every time I schedule a trip now, I try to make sure it falls on the 12th of the month so that I have something interesting to talk about. Unfortunately, this time, though i was on a trip, it also happened to be my last day in Barcelona and last days always mean lazy days for me.

It's a good thing I still got out of the house but it's funny because I actually did a shit ton the days before. I'll save those for my post-trip entry then. For now, enjoy my not super active day out.

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    06 September 2016 @ 02:24 pm
    September is upon us. If we were in Manila, it would already herald the start of the Christmas season, because BER-months equals holiday. Yes, we start that early. But now that I'm in Singapore, it doesn't start until way later.

    Well technically, I am on an indefinite holiday which should excite me but it also definitely scares me more than anything -- because I'm that kind of person. I love vacations and I love not doing anything but I also like money. And earning so there's a bit of a disconnect.

    I like that I've been able to clean my room though -- you accumulate a lot in a couple of months and I hate clutter. I got to do my laundry -- though I should be doing this weekly. I got to finish my Gilmore Girls catch-up and now I'm so ready for November 25. And I got to chill at home and go to mass more and see my siblings and train for my 10K in December.

    Mostly though, I need to be able to recalibrate myself and my thinking so that when I do begin again, I'm not just work work work work working and not having time to do all the stuff I actually do like to do. I clearly have no sense of balance.

    Still, for now, I'll try my best to enjoy and soak it up and recharge and rethink my routines. It won't be easy for me -- living her life by checklists, but I'll have to try.

    Happy September everyone!
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    31 August 2016 @ 04:15 pm
    Looking back on August, it was a pretty rad month filled with lots of good times. From sort of spontaneous trips to Phuket (for the first time ever, too!) to having friends like Koko visit me again in Singapore, I couldn't have asked for a better August.

    There are four months left in the year -- i can hardly believe this and yet, here we are anyway. September is upon us. And the ber-months begin! Read more...Collapse )