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18 April 2016 @ 12:18 am
I'm always so hopeful at the start of something -- a quarter, a month, the week, the day and so Quarter 2 of 2016 I hope is even better than quarter 1. And I realised I need to keep listing the things I'm happy for and the things I'm grateful for and focus on those rather than the negative. So this list is about happiness and things I'm loving right now. What about you? + + +Collapse )

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I'm new-ish to Snapchat but it's been pretty entertaining stalking folks and being all micro moments and all that, but I thought it would be a good way to keep track of my day. And although I can't imagine doing it solely on Snapchat (it disappears after all -- even if I downloaded the video), it's a nifty way of doing things.

The 12th was a rather normal day, work-wise. Meetings out of the office (so there's a new snap in there) and just a nice pace. Four months down this year, eight more of these to go.

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12
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    I realize I've been so negative and so easily bogged down that I need to be more aware of all the fun things and good things that are actually happening to me. So here is my conscious effort to focus on the good instead of on the bad because really, there's no point. Read more...Collapse )

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    31 March 2016 @ 04:45 pm
    And with that, quarter 1 of 2016 is over. It's been a pretty insane month filled with multiple ups and downs and just lots of uncertainty. While going through it on a daily basis, it felt pretty bleak and pretty confusing and just not something I wanted to go through but there were good times. Lots of good times.

    And I'm glad that these monthly recaps lets me focus on the good times, even if I barely make it through the not so good times. Here's to quarter 2 of 2016, may I be pleasantly surprised. Read more...Collapse )

    How were your March's? Or your first quarters even? Isn't it insane how quickly time flies? I hope everything is fabulous with everyone? Tell me what I've missed!

    24 March 2016 @ 06:19 pm
    So I've been on my Tinder fast this Lent (extended from January just because) and as it winds down, I'm not sure how I feel about installing it again. Not because I was plenty occupied by work and 'me'-time and girl-bonding (Risa is in town and Sayaka's LDR is keeping her free) but because I'm not sure how I want to go about it again.

    During the Tinder dry spell, it wasn't like I wasn't interacting with the opposite sex. And though clearly, I'm horrible at it (or it just isn't happening how I envision it to), this article on NYMag is a nice little piece that had me thinking a lot of things. Read more...Collapse )

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